The Caldwell Agenda

As our state representative Caldwell will focus on five key issues:

Supporting Education - Caldwell was raised by a schoolteacher, and she instilled in him that education is the key if you want a better future in the world. We must stop the brain drain of some of the best and brightest educators in the state. That’s because every child in Oklahoma should have access to a quality education. Teacher pay, at a minimum, needs to be brought up to a regional average. Caldwell is also committed to making sure educators have the resources to prepare our children for a global economy. That means more funding for classroom resources, support personnel, and more STEM funding.

Backing Agriculture - Caldwell is a staunch supporter of farm families and their way of life. Due in large part to his raising, he understands the stress and the worry that they go through each and every year, in order to provide America with an affordable bill of groceries. He will always be their biggest and most stalwart supporter in the Capitol. Too many politicians have forgotten SW Oklahoma and our farmers and ranchers who have been the foundation of our state. Caldwell is committed to preserving our way of life for generations to come.

Eliminating Waste, Fraud and Abuse – Over the last few months, report after report has emerged of fraudulent, wasteful spending in government – like the millions being wasted by the state Health Department. Our current legislators have been asleep at the wheel. They are too busy focusing on needless subjects and petty political fights partisan fights to focus on the real job we elected them to do. I will be laser focused on audits and hearings to expose wasteful spending and hold those responsible accountable.

Protecting Traditional Values – Caldwell is pro-life and pro-gun. He’ll stand up for our values, freedoms and traditional, rural ways of life.

Crime - Drug and gang related crime is running rampant in Lawton. We need to be tough on crime and tough on the conditions that contribute to that crime – from failure to fully support our law enforcement officials to lack of treatment and educational support for those suffering from addiction but who truly want to turn their life around.